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Serbia, in the fifties of the twentieth century - Bukovica, a village on the banks of the Bukovica river and on the hills of Jautina - this is where MISTER X was born...

Valjevo - Western Serbia, Kolubar district. There he studied and completed the tailoring trade. He is employed by a well-known Schneider craftsman in the city. Extremely skilled and talented, he becomes a true "Tailleur", as the French say for an expert who perfectly tailors’ men's and women's suits and then sews them.

MISTER X dreams of Paris...

In February of leap year 1968, MISTER X leaves his homeland and sets out on the path of his dream...

France 1968 - the biggest social revolt in the history of the 20th century, MISTER X arrives in Paris. It becomes part of the famous French spring of '68. but also, a part of fashion creation!

Paris - the center of high fashion, art and culture, the city of light and for many the most beautiful city in the world, the city on the river Seine about which Jacques Préver writes: "The Seine goes to the sea and passes like a dream...". Fashion of the sixties and seventies of the 20th century - Paris is, along with London, the center of fashion and shines at the height of its glory. Creative modelers, tailors, designers, seamstresses are welcome. The real challenge is inspiration, here in Paris, where artists from all over the world are gathered.

MISTER X finds accommodation in Samac's 20. aerodisman hotel and as a freelance artist through a countryman who already has some positions, he offers his services to tailor shops and fashion salons in Paris. Soon he rents a 25m2 atelier-workshop with sewing machines and a tailor's table and employs 4 workers. He makes women's ready-to-wear fashion. It gets great reviews and recommendations. At first, he works for anonymous employers: SPORT-RECORD and ROBES ENSEMBLES, and later for famous fashion houses: NINA RICCI and COCO CHANEL, coats, blazers, dresses.

MISTER X buys a TAUNUS FORD M20 car, huge with 6 seats. He nostalgically remembers the village and his homeland. He dreams of starting his own family. Next summer, two people will come to Paris from Serbia in a Ford. MISTER X is training his wife in tailoring. A Serbian fairy tale in France. The plan is to gain knowledge and experience, earn money and then return to Serbia. That's how it happens...

The descendant of MISTER X, the founder of the brand SPARROW, is an artist and a visionary. He is a beginner in the world of fashion where everything is constantly changing. That's why he chooses the classics first - classic sportswear. His plans reach far into the future and the spatial boundary will be roughly between MISTER X's birthplace, Paris and Manhattan. Bukovica and Paris are known. But why Manhattan? Well, it was there that a famous fashion designer opened his first workshop, and much later he revolutionary pushed the boundaries of fashion. He was in the right place at the right time. Inspiration is for ambition...

Valjevo, Serbia in 2018

SPARROW WORLD creates a good story. This mod is simple, anyone can join. SPARROW is a platform where you learn, create, imagine and breathe freely.

SPARROW is popular, it is known to the eye of every observer.

Today in Valjevo, in a facility with an area of about 1,200 square meters, SPARROW brand cotton clothing is produced, made of selected materials, cut to the perfect size and intended for good taste. New cutting and sewing technology machines work flawlessly and a team of employees works hard - creates, cuts, prepares, sews, finishes, packs: sweatshirts, t-shirts, tracksuits, vests, jackets, dresses, leggings, lazy bags and much more interesting.

Online sales of SPARROW items are constantly growing and becoming more and more popular. Customers all over Serbia are very satisfied.

The newspaper is a children's collection and a state-of-the-art DTG printing machine. Big projects are being prepared that will make the company recognizable all over Europe...

SPARROW has a simple motto - simplicity. A quality piece of clothing, worn with a smile, is inspired by the spirit of good past and future times, and is intended for those who recognize fashion as eternal youth.