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Jackets and Vests

SPARROW JACKETS AND VESTS, a large selection of models for the upcoming season.

A VEST is an important, functional but also attractive piece of sports clothing. It is ideal for the transition period when changing the jacket.

The Sparrow vest goes well with Sparrow tracksuits and warm sweatshirts - it's a real measure of warmth.

Thinner and thicker, with or without a hood, they are perfect for sports variants and various occasions.

A JACKET is essential clothing for all weather conditions. There are a variety of them, depending on the season and the occasion. The right choice of jacket for walking, training, hiking, rain, snow, skiing, wind... is of great importance.

Sparrow jackets are designed to be modern, with good shape and texture and with a lot of practical details.

They are made of quality materials, most of them provide protection in extreme weather conditions and constant optimal body temperature.

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