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Children's Lazy Bag

Sparrow Lazy Bag children's is intended for fun, play and relaxation for children up to 10 years old and weighing up to 50 kg. They are safe and easy to carry. It is filled with high-quality Styrofoam balls that are environmentally friendly and make the Lazy shape itself according to the body's movements. It is ideal for children's areas, rooms, playrooms, terraces, yards.

It brings cheerfulness and cheerful colors to every environment, whether it is monochrome or in a children's pattern. It's also great as a gift! Easy to maintain , it can be wiped with a damp cloth and a mild detergent solution or machine washed if it has a removable ball insert.

Its dimensions are: diameter 71 cm, height 90 cm, circumference 230 cm.

What completely separates Sparrow Lazy Bag from other manufacturers of this and similar products is:

The highest quality waterproof impregnated canvas D -620 shoteks, from which it is sewn.

Tough, strong and rubberized material that is resistant to wear and sunlight.

Also available in several types of exclusive luxury materials, whose description and detailed specification you can read below the photos.

It is sewn with double stitching of high durability and elasticity thread. The double bottom, on which there is a filling opening, has a double zipper and a safety patent that keeps the balls safely in the bag.

The possibility of adding a special insert to the Lazy Bag, which will allow you to remove the filling and wash your Lazy in the washing machine.

The possibility of buying a refill of balls to replenish your LB after a certain time, to have the same volume as on the first day and to keep it new.

Declared with original Sparrow rubber label.

Product warranty.

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Baner Sredina
Baner Sredina